Dear Mum and Dad!

Every morning in our English class we do what we call our "Daily Routines". That means that we say good morning to teacher and friends, we set the calendar, and talk about the weather. For that, our teacher talks a lot of English in the class, but, besides, she uses some resources you can also find in The Internet. Here you will find songs to practice the morning greetings, days of the week, months of the year and seasons. (Good morning song) (Hello song) (Days of the week ) (Days of the week) (Months of the year) (Seasons of the year) (Good Bye song)

We are in Autumn and there are changes around us we are also learning in our Knowledge of the Environment lessons. With our teachers and tutors we are learning that leaves are changing colours and they are also falling down to the ground. We are learning vocabulary such as: rain, wind, storm, boots, umbrella, coat and, of course, we are learning the names of the colours that we most see in Autumn: red, yellow, brown and orange. Here are two links the teacher uses in class with us: (Power Point presentation about autumn) (Song: Autumn Leaves are changing colours) (Song: Orange, Yellow, Red and Brown)